Adding users to your course

All Moodle users must be assigned a role. Roles include default permissions, which define what a user can and cannot do in a course.

As a course instructor, you are automatically assigned the role of Instructor in your courses. This role allows you to control many things within your course including adding content, grading students, using course administration tools and adding new users.

Note that since enrollment is automatic you are encouraged to not add students manually to your course. If a student is manually added to your course, he/she will continue to have access to the course even after de-enrolment (unless you remember to remove them). Automatic enrollment guarantees that a student's submitted work and grades are recovered if he/she is accidentally de-enrolled from the course. Although there are several roles defined on Moodle at York, Instructors have the ability to manage the following roles in their courses:

  • Auditor -- can access content and activities made available by the Instructor but cannot participate in these activities.
  • Student – can access content and participate in activities made available by the Instructor.
  • Instructor – can add content, enroll users, and manage resources, grading & assessments, and course design & layout.
  • Non-editing Instructor - can access content across the course and has grading permissions within assessment activities. However, the non-editing Instructor does not have grading capability within the Moodle Gradebook.
  • Deferred Student – can access a course, which is normally hidden from students. This is useful when a student requires access to a course to prepare for deferred exam.
  • Librarian – can access course to review course content but will be restricted from seeing student grades. This role can be used to add a Librarian to your course.
  • Students in your course will be automatically enrolled (enrollment is linked to the classlist) and assigned the role of Student. This role allows them to view and interact with activities you make available to them. They can also interact with other students in the course. Students will not however be able to modify activities, grades or the main configuration settings of your course. Since enrollment is automatic, we do not recommend adding students manually to your course.

    If assigning a student to a non-editing Instructor role so they can act as a TA, their student role will be elevated and gain more permissions, providing access you may not want them to have. With this role, they could have grading permission on assessment activities or items.As Instructor, you can assign a colleague as a Non-editing Instructor to your course. Think of the Non-editing Instructor role as a Teaching Assistant – they can grade student work but cannot modify the activities or use course administration tools. However, the Instructor role allows you to modify default permissions of the Non-editing Instructor so that you may provide them with customized access to course as necessary.

    Adding users to your course

    Follow these steps to add users and assign user roles:Enrol Users

    1. Click Users in the Administration block to expand the menu.
    2. Click Enrolled users. A list of current users, if any, should display.
    3. Click Enrol users to add a user to your course.
      Enrol Users
    4. Click the Assign roles drop-down list, and select the role you are assigning to the user.
    5. In the search field, enter the user’s email address or name, then click Search. The search will work on partial names as well. A list of users matching your search criteria will be displayed.
    6. Click the Enrol button to the right of the user’s name to add them to your course.

      Repeat steps 5 & 6 to add additional users.

    7. Click Finish enrolling users button to finalize adding users to your course.

    Editing user roles/Removing users from your course

    Follow these steps to remove users and assign user roles:

    1. Click Users in the Administration block to expand the menu.
    2. Click Enrolled users. A list of enrolled users will display.
    3. Locate the user in the list.

      If the enrolled users list is long, you can search by entering the user’s email address or name in the Search box, optionally selecting the the Enrolment method and Role of the user, and then click Filter.

    To edit a user's enrolment status:

    1. Remove UsersClick Edit (Cog Icon) next to the user's name in the Enrolment methods column to edit the status and enrolment date of a user.

    To remove a user from the course:

    1. Click the red X next to the user's name in the Enrolment methods column.
    2. Click the Continue button to confirm.

    To edit a user's role:

    1. Click Assign roles icon next to the user's name in the Roles column to add a role.
    2. Click the red X next to the role you would like to remove to unassign it.